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Understanding World Religons – What is Buddhism?

20 minutes (Teacher’s Guide) Over 360 million Buddhists practice the religion of Buddhism in countries all around the world. What is Buddhism? gives students a detailed look at this religion and its rich history of over 2,500 years. Students will gain insight into this religion by investigating its history and learning about Siddhartha Gautama, known as Buddha, whose teachings provide a basis for Buddhism. To develop respect for the worship practices of Buddhists, students will follow a family as they visit a Buddhist temple and worship in their home shrine.

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Understanding World Religions – What is Hinduism?

20 minutes (Teacher’s Guide) About 900 million people around the world practice the family of religious traditions known as Hinduism. In What is Hinduism?, students learn about the history of the Hindu faith with its roots in the ancient Indus River Valley civilization. Students gain insight into the worship practices of Hinduism by visiting a temple, or mandir, and seeing a Hindu Priest perform a prayer ritual called puja.

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Understanding World Religions – What is Judaism?

20 minutes (Teacher’s Guide) What is Judaism? provides a basis for developing respect and undestanding for a religion practiced by about 14 million Jews around the world. Aspects of the religion’s history are presented, from the story of Abraham, a patriarch of the Jewish faith, to the establishment of the nation of Israel. Students explore the prayer rituals of Judaism through a visit to a synagogue and the account of a boy preparing for his Bar Mitzvah ceremony

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Understanding World Religions – What is Christianity?

20 minutes (Teacher’s Guide) Explore the religion practiced by about two billion people around the globe in What is Christianity? To gain insight into this religion students investigate its history and learn about Jesus, the man whose teachings provide a basis for Christianity. Students also have an opportunity to visit with a family as they prepare for a Christmas celebration. To better understand the worship practices of Christians, students visit a Christian church and learn about eh sacrament of Communion.

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Understanding World Relgions – What is Religion?

20 minutes (Teacher’s Guide) Religions around the world have practices and beliefs that help people understand the meaning of life, and give people answers to the important questions that they have about life, death and the existence of God. In What is Religion?, students learn that despite their many differences, world religions have elements in common, like systems of basic beliefs, holy writings, sacred places and special holidays and celebrations.

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Religions of the World

Six volumeĀ  DVD set/50 minutes each (No Guide) Original footage and vivid imagery provide a perspective on the differences and similarities of the world’s faith. Religions presented include Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Protestantism.

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Understanding World Religions – What is Islam?

20 minutes (Teacher’s Guide) In What is Islam?, students will take an in-depth look at the religion practiced by over one billion Muslims in countries worldwide. Students will investigate the history of this religion by learning about Muhammad, the prophet who Muslims believe received God’s message and shared it with others. By visiting a mosque, or masjid, and learning about the Five Pillars and the daily Muslim prayer ritual of salah, students will learn about the core beliefs of Islam.

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